Amanda Blakley


3-in-1 USB

The first thing that comes to mind is one of those 3-in-1 USB charging stations. As a busy mom, in many ways, I act as everyone’s power source. But also in the sense of multi-tasking and the multi-hyphenate roles I play. I’m a proud wife, a daughter and friend, I have a career (or at least I did until last March), but my most significant job is mommy in chief to Atticus and Archer


My Husband, Adam

My husband, Adam without a doubt. The term “better half” always feels so contrived, but as it turns out, it’s quite prescriptive. Throughout the last two and a bit years, we have weathered so many storms and seasons together. A big international move, a global pandemic, new jobs (a corporate one for him and a new full-time motherhood one for me), moving house, the list goes on. But having the grounding of our relationship brings us back to center. With lots of course-correcting along the way obviously;)


Where the Ocean Meets the Mountains

If I think about all the places I have had the good fortune of traveling to over the years, the places I feel most serene are amidst this type of landscape. The magnificent energy of the waves and the drama of the mountains is meditative and renewing. We feel so fortunate to live in Malibu where we have unfettered access to the sea and the dramatic peaks and canyons of the Santa Monica mountains for daily hikes.


My Old Grey Cashmere Robe + Cream Earl Grey

One is an old grey cashmere robe that I put on every morning - I love being wrapped in a luxurious natural fabric to chase away the early morning chill. It has holes in the armpits that I darn from time to time and add to its charm. My second one is my cream Earl grey tea. For years I ordered the same one from a small batch tea maker in rural Ontario. More recently I buy Sloan Tea’s Heavenly Cream.