Caring for Mother Earth


GOTS Certified Cotton

We certify our organic cotton products through the Global Organic Textile Standard, which evaluates the entire supply chain.

All cotton is sourced from Certified Organic farms in India which ban the use of pesticides and harmful chemical fertilizers, reduce soil erosion/restore its health to act as a carbon sponge, decreases nitrate from entering the ground and surface water, and recycle animal wastes (manure) back into the farm. All these factors help to protect the farmer's livelihood and sequestering carbon is a direct solution to climate change.


Low Impact Dyes

All dyes and inks are NON TOXIC and WATER BASED — free from any harmful chemicals, certified to GOTS.

These dyes are free of chlorine bleach, acetone, formaldehyde, and heavy metals and have less than 5% runoff compared to conventional dyes, which can run off 55-60% into our environment. Our inks are water based, allergenic-free and non-toxic to help protect your skin (the largest organ in the body) and our planet.


Fair Labor Practices

Our supply chain follows stringent labor standards, including payment of a living wage, safe working conditions and absolutely no child labor.



For our customer-facing packaging: